10 Best Fitness Gadgets to Help You Get Back Into Shape


Once upon a time, technology and fitness used to be two different things. Thanks to the innovations and breakthroughs in modern technologies, that is not the case anymore.

These days, you can find various types of gadgets to help you track the physical activities, create a personal workout plan, monitor your sleep quality, enhance your body posture, and so on. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might find it a bit challenging to find the best ones among these.

And that is why we have created this expert list of the best gadgets for fitness fanatics. Read on to know more about the best gizmos to supplement your fitness efforts.

  1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Gone are the days when you used to have a regular scale to track your weight. Being a tech-savvy fitness enthusiast, you need to pick up a smart gadget like the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale. Along with the weight, it also tracks your BMI score and body fat percentage. Built-in wireless syncing will let you connect the smart scale to your home network, smartphone, and computer. It also works with Fitbit trackers and apps to help you set and achieve calorie burning goals. The device can recognize and store in-depth data for up to eight different users. Thanks to the sturdy construction, you can use the smart scale in the humid bathroom environments as well.

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  1. The Skulpt Scane

If you have ever thought about getting a personal fitness trainer, The Skulpt Scanner could be an excellent choice for you. The smart device will help you measure the body fat percentage and muscle quality of different parts of your body. Depending on your physical condition, it will suggest the nutrition and workout plans for you. The scanner will help you scan up to 24 muscle groups and detect any existing muscle imbalance and asymmetries. Featuring full connectivity options with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Skulpt Scanner can connect to any iOS and Android device.

  1. Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

Having a reliable heart rate sensor will come in handy to ensure the proper intensity for your heart-related workouts. Polar H7 is such a device that can help you to ensure the right amount of training with the right intensity. It allows you to get real-time heart rate data by using any of the compatible fitness training apps. The waterproof device uses Bluetooth to connect to any modern smartphone. Thanks to the detachable transmitter, your fitness tracker will enjoy a long battery life.

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  1. Zacurate Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Measuring the blood oxygen saturation level, pulse rate, and pulse strength is crucial for bikers, mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, or any other active sportsman. The Zacurate Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor can do all of these within 10 seconds and display the result in the large LED display. Thanks to the high-quality ABS plastic shields, rest assured that you are getting the best results every time. The small size and compact design make the oximeter portable enough to carry it with you. The package comes with two AAA batteries to help you get started instantly.

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  1. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

Sports enthusiasts should choose a specialized watch like the Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch that comes with superior features to make your life easier. For instance, the watch will work as a permanent fitness tracker to monitor your steps, distance, calories, sleep quality, workouts, and various other activities. There is a built-in GPS to correctly track your pace, altitude, and the total distance. You can connect the watch to the Polar app and web services to plan, synch, and share your fitness plans. As the watch is waterproof, you can use it in all weather conditions.

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  1. 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

Are you looking for a reliable gadget to count your steps? If you are, the 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer should be an excellent choice for you. Its advanced tri-axis 3D sensor technology will correctly monitor all the steps you take throughout the day. The device works perfectly even when you put it in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else. It will record the walking and running steps, distance, calories burned, fat burned, total time, and so on. The 30-day memory will make it a lot easier to track your improvements over time.

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  1. TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom Runner GPS Watch is especially manufactured for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and various other types of sportsmen. The high-resolution display will store and show the time, distance, and pace of your activities. There is a graphical training partner to keep you motivated and help you achieve the goals. The simple one-button control enables you to navigate through the menu options in a simple way. The scratch-resistant display remains easy-to-read even on direct sunlight. The waterproof watch can be connected to the popular running apps. A single charge will keep the watch running for 10 hours or more.

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  1. PROMiXX Battery-powered Protein Shaker

There are some small but very useful gadgets every fitness enthusiast should own. The PROMiXX Battery-powered Protein Shaker is one such item. Powered by two AAA batteries, the bottle comes with a 12,000RPM high power motor to let you blend even the toughest ingredients. The single button makes it a lot easier to use the shaker. As the bottle is made from safe food-grade materials, you won’t have to worry about any odor and impact in your liquid. It is very easy to clean the bottle and the removable parts.

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  1. Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

All cyclists need to wear a helmet, there is no exception to that. Since you are a gadget lover, you should go for a special one like this Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet. The helmet comes with open-ear precision audio so that you can listen to music, calls, or check out the ride data while also listening to all the surrounding sounds. The dedicated helmet app will connect the helmet with its remote and your smartphone. You can use the built-in remote to control the volume, change music tracks, pause, play, or receive incoming calls. The built-in sensor will send a SOS alert along with GPS direction to a pre-specified individual.

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  1. Jabra Elite Sport Waterproof Fitness & Running Earbuds

With multiple innovative sports features, Jabra Elite could be an excellent pair of earbuds for any kind of sports enthusiast. Its superior wireless connectivity will ensure better quality music and calls. Thanks to the cord-free design, you can wear one or both earbuds at the same time. The IP67 rated earbuds are waterproof and offers three-year warranty against sweat. A single charge will keep the earbuds alive for three hours, while you can use the Sport Life app to check out the built-in heart rate monitor and the personalized fitness guidance.

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Final Words

Using the right fitness gadget can significantly improve your results and make it a bit easier for you. Now that you have a curated list of the best fitness gadgets, you can finally enjoy these benefits.

So, which of these gadgets will be the most beneficial to you? Let me know in the comments below.