2019 Nike Sportswear Details Shopping Guide – Nike- Just Buy It!


Nike- Just Buy It!

This is undoubtedly true that there is hardly anyone who can’t identify Nike with the logo. It doesn’t matter it is their fancy shoes, clothing or even headbands. Nike is one of the most popular companies for shoes, has been unleashing products one after another for decades. Nike is a company where people always keep an eye. In recent years, Nike has divided their sports shoes in different genres such as running, football, basketball, etc.

nike shopping guide

When you visit a Nike store, it’s true that you might become confused about which one to buy since all of their products are eye-catchers. So, the question is how should you decide which one to go for?

Options and options

You should narrow down the choices based on your needs. For example, if you are into basketball, you should only roam around the designated corners for basketball shoes. Basketball shoes could be a bit expensive, but those contain a special type of gripping material on the sole to help you jump and run better without hurting your ankles. There are also cross-training shoes which are primarily designed for multiple purposes such as mountain biking or playing some indoor games. Let’s talk about all the shoes one by one.

  1. Basketball shoes

The specialty of basketball shoes has been discussed above already. Along with the customized sole, those shoes are also designed to absorb a ton of energy, which will give you the extra edge in jumping up and down continuously. They have better flexibility and durability. If you start jumping and running with some casual shoes, it’s very likely that the shoes won’t last long! We are here to provide you some advantages of basketball shoes with examples.

nike Basketball shoes

a) Nike Kobe AD NXT 360

They are lightweight. You can quickly slide, jump, and run without feeling any additional pressure on your feet or ankle. A Lunarion midsole provides extra protection at the midfoot. You won’t end cramping up at any point.

b) Nike Kyrie 4

While you play basketball, you have to do some tricks. Quick cuts is one of them. You need a shoe which can you help you do the trick without twisting your ankle. Kyrie 4 is built to serve this purpose. The shoe is considered to be extremely versatile. The mesh design on the outside will provide breathing space for your feet and take away some moist.

c) Nike KDX

The multi-tractioned rubber sole is one of the greatest features of KDX. The cushioning pattern of Air Zoom ensures the athletes can remain fit despite highly intensive sports activities. The ultra-thicker heel means the ankles will remain secure, and with the thin forefoot, you can have plenty of control over your movement. Don’t miss out.

  1. Running shoes

If you are not into sports or simply you can’t manage a group, you can simply run. That’s also good for your health. Nike has varieties of running shoes available, and among others, they sell running shoes more than anything else. Running shoes could be found for all ages and genders. Although they don’t have much shock absorption like basketball’s one, they are quite light, and lighter shoes are always better for running. Some of the famous running shoes have been added here for your convenience.

nike running shoes

       a) Nike Zoom Fly Men’s Running Shoes

This shoe has low-profile pressurized air pockets that flex on contact. That means your feet will get extra breathing space as you sweat during your workout or run. Some people can run miles after miles, and therefore this shoe has the extra full-length cushion to provide comfort. Furthermore, the phylon wedge (midsole foam) provides additional comfort to your heel.

    b) Nike Revolution

You can guess the popularity from the name. It is indeed a revolution in the world of shoes. This shoe contains a thick sole to provide ample comfort and keeps runners unhurt from shock. The outstanding mesh panelling and the grip on the bottom provide the runners a good option to try in any kind of weather. Give it a try, and they won’t disappoint you.

   c) Nike Air Zoom Vomero

The zoom vomero has a comfort fit collar. The collar ensures the ankles get adequate support, and they remain unhurt once you start hitting the ground. Along with the typical comfort cushion, it also has an updated version of the rubber which keeps the feet healthy regardless of the miles you cover. If you are someone who runs for a long time, this could be the perfect match for you.

  1. Cross-training shoes

The term “cross-training” may sound unfamiliar to you. These types of shoes are quite similar to the running ones, but they have differences. The heel is the same as a running shoe. The difference lies at the front. The front part is a little bit more flexible than typical running shoes. These types of shoes are mostly worn by athletes who play volleyball. You can also call it a “hybrid” shoe. Some of the tips, tricks, and techniques have been discussed here with some examples.

nike Cross training shoes

a) Nike Men’s Metcon 1

The Metcon 1 has an excellent midsole to help your feet. You won’t feel any extra pressure on your feet once you finish your sports. The high flexibility will ensure you don’t have to put additional stress. With durability and flexibility, success will certainly come.

b) Nike Free X Metcon

It has many similarities with Metcon 1, but there are differences as well. The midsole is softer than Metcon 1. In addition, the strong foam carrier will allow you to run even if you have some extra weight. What I mean by extra weight is that if you are working out in the gym with weightlifting equipment, this shoe is the perfect fit for you. There is also an extra layer of rubber surrounding the shoe. The rubber will help you tackle the friction or resistance you will put on the ground after lifting something. If the rubber is not there, you could end up slipping on the floor and severe injury might occur.

c) Nike Flyknit Zoom

The Flyknit Zoom will tightly secure your feet within the shoes. This is the one for tennis. The shoe is built based on suitability in any weather.

Those are some of the lists and features. It’s your time to decide which one you want to go for. Whether you are into basketball or running, choose the shoe accordingly. To summarize, Nike has all types of sports shoes. That’s why they are the best in the industry. If you want to try online shopping, you can look for some Nike promotional code to purchase your favorite Nike product at a discounted price. You can also become eligible to get free Nike shipping service to get the product delivered at your doorstep. Take a look at the BrandCoupon Mall deals and start shopping straight away.