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Banggood is a Chinese e-commerce platform that sells products at low prices. It ships to different major countries through various shipping methods. You can get a large catalog of products on Banggood which are sold at incredibly competitive prices. The e-commerce platform was launched in the year 2006. It has become a popular name in the e-commerce industry. the current article provides a detailed review and details of buying from Banggood. review

Credibility of Banggood

Credibility is perhaps the most important factor for any e-commerce platform. Banggood has been in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years. It specializes in cross-border shipping of goods at reasonable prices. They always strive to provide you the best value for money. You get high-quality goods on this e-commerce platform. There are frequent exclusive deals and promotions to provide you the best bang for your buck. Banggood has 37 warehouses and delivers to more than 200 countries. You get more than 40 different secure payment options while buying from Banggood.

You get 14-days no reason refund from Bangood. If you don’t like the product, you can return it and get a refund (minus the shipping cost) without any questions asked. They also provide a 180-days quality guarantee for most items. If product malfunctions or stops working within 180 days, it will be repaired, replaced or refunded. Some products like electric scooters, mobile phones, computers, etc. are covered with a 1-year free repair. Banggood also provides 24×7 customer service for its customers.

Quality of Products Sold: Is Banggood a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

Banggood quality products discount

Banggood sells a wide variety of products. However, you should be cautious as, like other Chinese e-commerce platforms, you can get some poor quality products on Banggood too. There are many sellers on Banggood and you should choose the reputed ones for buying quality products. While most sellers offer genuine products, you can come across a few who sell counterfeit products. It is better to spend some time researching the product and going through the reviews before placing an order. This can protect you from buying inferior products and protect your hard-earned money.

Banggood does not sell Chinese products only. They have warehouses in the U.S. and a few European countries. These products are generally more expensive than Chinese products but they are better in quality also. You can get better value for money buying these non-Chinese products as they will be more durable and of better quality.

Ease of Placing an Order

Placing an order on Banggood is easy. It is best to register on the website and create an account with them. You will get discount codes after registering that will offer more value for money. You will need to provide your delivery address for the product to be delivered at your doorstep. You may find difficulties in adding the address using some browsers. In such cases, you should register your account on Banggood and log into it to solve this issue.

You should not select the shipping method unless you see the shopping cart page. Banggood provides you the flexibility to make your payments using different options. You can make your payments conveniently using PayPal, credit or debit cards. Payments can be made using different currencies.

Delivery Time While Shopping from Banggood

The shipping time largely depends on the destination country where the package needs to be shipped. The mode of shipping also influences the delivery time. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after placing your order. Once the package is shipped from the Banggood warehouse, you will get another e-mail. This e-mail will have the tracking information that can be used for tracking your package until it is delivered. Generally, the shipment takes 7-20 days from a Chinese warehouse. Shipments only take 3-6 days for shipping from a warehouse in the U.S. while the French warehouse shipping varies from 3-8 days.

The shorter shipping time from a U.S. warehouse makes Banggood extremely popular in the country. If you live in Europe, you can also expect faster shipping and hassle-free delivery. The packages are professionally packed that ensures their protection.

Shipping, Customs, and Import Taxes

banggood shipping

There are different types of shipping methods on Banggoood. Each shipping method has different timelines and customs and import taxes (VAT) associated with it. If you live in Europe, then the EU priority Line is the best shipping method for you. It is free from customs duties and import taxes. Goods are first sent to the EU warehouses where they get clearance of customs and import taxes. Once the clearance is done, the goods are then sent to the delivery address. Goods are delivered usually in 7-15 days using this shipping method.

For bulky products like electric scooters, bicycles, etc. the European Railway Direct Mail is the best shipping method. It does not involve any customs duties and import taxes. It takes 40-50 days for the product to get delivered. For customers in the U.S., Ocean Shipping is the best. You don’t have to pay customs and import taxes and can get the delivery in 40-50 days. If you choose Air Parcel Register, you may have to pay customs and import taxes.

Buyers Protection and Guarantees

Baanggood provides reasonable buyer protection. You get 3 days DOA warranty on the products. You can return and get a refund on the product within 3 days of delivery if the product is faulty. The cost of return would also be paid by Banggood. If the product does not match with your order, then you can contact Banggood and they will revert back on the problem. If the product is covered under a guarantee, the product can be replaced. If the product gets stuck in delivery for too long, you can cancel your order. Banggood also respects the privacy of its buyer’s data. Your sensitive data collected by them is secure and not shared with any third-party. They also have recovery systems to prevent data destruction, loss alteration, etc. The payment systems are secure which provides you complete peace of mind while transacting and making payments on the website.

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