Best QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike Deal and Discount


Riding electric bikes are the next swag right now, and as these are electric bikes, so they are eco-friendly also. With the help of this article, we are going to have a look at an electric bike deal that you would be unable to refuse.

QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike
QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike

The QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike

The electric bike deal we are going to discuss is the QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike. The most significant feature of this electric bike is that it is foldable, and you would be able to take it from one place to another easily without any chaos.

There are several features of this electric bike, let us have a look at all those features-

  • This QIYCYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike is wholly made up of aluminum body, with the help of which it can handle weight up to 100Kg.
  • In one complete charge, you would be able to take this bike to 45Km.
  • The top speed of this bike is 20Km/hr.
  • This bike has a 250-watt Li-ion battery that is present inside the frame of this electric bike. You would be able to turn this battery on/off with the help of a control box.
  • Not only that, the Li-ion battery present inside this electric bike is a self-developed battery management system. With the help of which you would be able to use your bike in a more enhanced way.
  • It offers a computer system that provides functions such as calories burned, distance traveled, speed, and many more such features.
  • You would be able to switch between four different types of power modes.

QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike Deal & Price

QICYCLE TDR01Z Electric Bike’s regular price $789.99, and this bike is now available at Gearbest for $689.99 on flash sale. This is the deal that you will never regret if you are finding a high-quality and efficient electric bike for yourself.

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