Beta FPV Quadcopters with Built-in FrSky XM+ Receiver


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Beta FPV Quadcopters

The current article details two of our FPV quadcopters and their features which are as follows:

BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter 4S with Inbuilt FrSky XM +Receiver

The 85X FPV is a powerful quadcopter that packs in a powerful motor and is ideal for racing. The 1105 5000KV motor is powerful and supports 4S for high-speed FPV and is perfect for racing and freestyle. This quadcopter has FV V2 4S FC and BLHeli_32ESC which combined with the 25V/220uf electrolytic capacitator provides you to safely fly with the high voltage packs of today. It comes with STM32F051K66 processor FC board which provides you with faster and better input signals and reduces latency, which results in higher efficiency and better racing experience.

The frame of this quadcopter is sturdy and lightweight. An additional carbon-fiber stiffener brace has been added to provide greater stability, which is a trait of the 85X FPV quadcopter. There is no need to do any additional soldering or tinkering to this quadcopter. It comes with a 450mAh 4S battery however, your own batteries with the adjustable battery strap, making this quadcopter completely versatile and customizable, which is a welcome advantage.

Key Specifications

The 85X FPV quadcopter is surprisingly lightweight, it weighs only 68 grams without the battery. It comes with the F405 flight controller and 16A BHeli_32 ESC V2.0. It can accommodate an EOS2 camera. You get a 5.8G FPV antenna and EMAX Avan 2”-4-blades props along with this quadcopter. The flight time of the quadcopter is nearly 4-6 minutes with the 450mAh 4S battery. It features an FV V2 4S FC, which has the ports for supporting the plugging in of receiver, ESC, led board, and VTX directly. There is no need to solder it, thereby making the installation convenient and completely hassle-free.

The 85X FPV quadcopter has key individual parts like FC, ESC, etc. which provides unmatched 4S power and excellent flying experience. The FC uses an STM32F405 CPU along with Betaflight OMNIBUSF4SD firmware. The ESC supports BLHELI_32 and has an input voltage of 3-4S lipo along with a continuous current of 16A and peak current of 19A. Additionally, it uses BETAFPV-16A-32bit firmware.

This quadcopter is priced at $159.

BETAFPV 85X 4K Whoop Quadcopter 4S with Inbuilt FrSky XM +Receiver

The 85X 4K is one of the smallest quadcopters available on the market. It is capable of recording high-quality and remarkable 4K videos, which make it the highlight of this quadcopter. It comes loaded with F4 V2 FC and BLHeli_32 ESC which provide impressive 4S power and stability. It can be mounted with the Tarsier 4K camera to provide stunning 4K videos.

Key Specifications

The 85X FPV quadcopter weighs 88.6 grams without the batteries. It features a 1105 5000KV motor with connectors to provide sufficient power. It has 2” 4-blades props and a 5.8G FPV antenna. It uses 4S 450mAh battery which allows you to fly it for 4-6 minutes and it uses STM32F405 FC which is clocked at 240MHz. The firmware version used is Betaflight OMNIBUS4SD. It supports the BLHELI_32 ESC with an input voltage of 3-4S lipo. The continuous current is 16A and the peak current is 19A. A carbon fiber brace is used to further reinforce the frame of this quadcopter to provide greater stability during the flight.

Video Shooting Capabilities

The installed Caddx Tarsier 4K camera comes with an ND8 filter which helps in correcting “jello” by allowing the camera to increase its aperture. The camera resolutions can be switched between 4K, 2.7K, 1440P, and 1080P. The choice of the resolution also depends on the speed at which you wish to fly the quadcopter. 4K recording captures 30fps and is recommended if the speed is slow. If the quadcopter has to be flown at high speeds then this resolution setting can lead to blurred recordings. In such cases, 2.7k resolution is recommended which captures 60fps.

If the quadcopter is being used in bright sunlight for video recording, then you should use the ND8 filter. This will reduce the light but keep the contrast intact, which will remove any jello effect and provide better quality video.

FrSky XM+ Receiver

Both these quadcopters detailed above, use the unique FrSky XM+ receiver. It is extremely easy to bind, binding is the process wherein a specific receiver is associated with a particular transmitter module. The XM+ receiver also supports the failsafe feature which is very helpful in the event of radio loss. The failsafe feature controls all the movements to a preset position in case of signal loss for a given length of time. Failsafe feature is highly recommended when the system is being used for the first time or it has been re-bound.

XM+ is a full range receiver like X4R-SB and XSR, with an added advantage of being much lighter than them. A typical XM+ receiver weighs only 1.6 grams. In addition to its excellent range and lightweight feature, the XM+ receivers have diversity antennas It supports up to 16 channels SBUS and the firmware is also upgradeable.

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