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Corona, also known as Corona Extra, is a pale lager developed by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico for the purpose of serving both domestic and international demands for the beverage. They are one of the largest selling beers in the world. Outside Mexico, their most common beer is served with a slice of lime in the edge of the bottle to improve the flavor. In the United States of America, Corona Extra is the top selling beer, despite the political conflict between the two countries recently.

Corona beer is sold in bottles of different dimensions ranging from the traditional 207 ml to larger 940 ml of volumes. There is also the canned version available in some selective markets. In some parts of the countries, Corona has different names. For example, they are known as “Coronita” in Spain, rhyming with “Senorita” (which means miss, to address ladies).

They also have brand values in the market. Corona sponsors golf and tennis competition. They have several multi-million dollar bills with different sports promoting companies.

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