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The ThiEYE App and the digital camera join via the camera’s constructed-in Wi-Fi. The app allows you to take pictures and video and change settings. The App’s display items the photograph/video image from the standpoint of the lens of the digital camera. listed below are just a few of the app screens:

depressing the power button with a protracted press (four seconds or extra) turns the digicam on/off. as soon as the digital camera is growing to become one, it is constantly in video mode. miserable the vigour button in brief bursts switches between camera mode, video mode, and settings mode. On the settings reveal, there are 4 decisions that permit you to manage the settings of the digicam.

The two side up/down buttons assist you to toggle between the four selections and the Wi-Fi suitable button lets you opt for. The entrance vigor button also means that you can exit each setting reveal.

The ThiEYE T5 area motion camera works like most different action cameras and it has a lot of settings to control the recording and picture modes. The inclusion of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to allow far off the handle from each the included hardware remote manage or the app is an excellent function, and that they both work smartly many of the time except for the voice handle. The directions indicate that there could be a necessity to repeat your voice commands that are suffering from and respond according to pronunciation. we guess the camera does not like how we speak because to date we have not been in a position to get it to work for me. in any other case, the handheld far-flung works well. When we attempted the camera on my windshield mount as a dash cam, it labored a number of times however on a hot day, it iced over and could handiest be reset via casting off the battery. we additionally skilled the “freezing” difficulty greater than once when we were linked to my cellphone by the use of Wi-Fi and that we tried to disconnect by powering off the digicam when we were completed taking photos. When it became connected to the app, it froze on the camera’s W-Fi- screen and could most effective be reset by eliminating the battery. we did verify their website to be sure that we even have the latest firmware.

On yet another event, we determined to take photographs of fruit properly organized on a fruit cart. As that you would be able to see within the photo beneath, the digital camera iced up. It became in photograph mode and handiest on for roughly 10 minutes earlier than that second. I decided not to hassle to take the graphic for the reason that it could have required me to remove the housing and the battery at that second to restart the digital camera.

digital camera carried out neatly, and the water-resistant housing labored. When operating the digicam with the water-resistant housing installed, the buttons required slightly of extra effort to depress and have interaction the digicam buttons.

images:(This one on the left turned into taking on an extremely stormy and cloudy morning and without in-camera correction. The one on the correct become taken within the afternoon with in-digicam correction

The fine of the video is decent, even on an overcast and foggy day, and the in-camera stabilization and correction work well to produce high-quality photos.