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The YIKANG cases are created out of lots of materials. Each YIKANG e-cigarette case can hold up to two cigarettes at one time. The case can hold up to ten cigarettes and you may choose from three iconic photos of the screen legend. Our leather cases are produced from pure leather which you will immediately recognize the minute you see, touch and smell them.

YIKANG Cases arrive in different lucrative designs and color options that can be even altered according to your mood or maybe to match with your wardrobe. Cigarette cases are good for practically any variety of things. They can be a fashion statement. In today’s market, they are available in a wide variety of looks, finishes, sizes, and shapes. Special cigarette cases are offered for ladies.

YIKANG Variety in Cigarette Cases A selection of cigarette cases is available on the market. There are a variety of cigarette cases offered in the marketplace. Beginning from the cool and fashionable gadgets to the pricey wine accessories collections and yes the new selection of clothing accessories aren’t easy to miss. As a customer, you’re going to be happy with the wide selection of our products along with low, accessible rates and amazing customer services.

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Ask yourself whether you’d like the gifts for yourself. Maybe you’re thinking of making a present for this teacher and you’d prefer some homemade gift ideas. If you’re going to discover a present for somebody who smokes, a cigarette case personalized with her or his choices can just be the perfect gift.

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