Buyer’s Guide for OnePlus 6 Smartphone


OnePlus is one of the leading mobile phone companies that manufactures and designs good quality and trendy looking smartphones. The Chinese company has managed to harness the leading-edge technology offering powerful cell phone performance at quite a reasonable price. Among all the smartphones released by the company, the OnePlus 6 stand in the crowd for being the first one from the company to have a 256 GB built-in storage space. Therefore, this buyer’s guide is worth a read if you are planning to buy this smartphone for yourself or gift it to someone.

OnePlus 6 phone review

There are several varieties of OnePlus smartphones in the market with different colors and various sizes of internal storage and RAM. You can choose from Silk White to Midnight Black and Mirror Black. The one with the Mirror Black has a full reinforced glass rear body with 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. This is the least expensive phone and you can buy this for $529. The most expensive version is the Midnight Black OnePlus 6 which costs around $629. This smartphone offers 256 GZB internal storage and 8 GB RAM.

Glass prints

Since the rear body of the Mirror Black OnePlus 6 smartphone is fully made of glass, so like all other glass casings, this phone has a fingerprint magnet. Although the glass bodied phone looks chic it is more prone to breaking and cracking if not handled with care. Don’t worry, this phone comes with a clear rubber phone case. The phone is strong enough to prevent the rear of the phone from getting scratches, as well as, protect it from breaking even if it is thrown from a long distance.

OnePlus-made phone cases

The OnePlus company also offers 5 nifty additional cases. One of the cool looking cases is the wood bumper. Despite it looks it is not a good option to choose since it mostly made of plastic. You can buy the Silicone Protective Case to get a comfy one for your phone. The most unique and thickest of the bunch is the Nylon Bumper Case which is made of fabric. The feel on the hand is quite nice but the durability may not be that long if used regularly. For the last many years, the Karbon and the Sandstone cases have been fine-quality cases for several satisfied users. So, you can go for this case without a doubt.

OnePlus 6 Internal storage

The 128 GB version of OnePlus 6 phone claims to have 128 GB internal storage, however, the sad thing is almost 2% of the total storage is already used but the built-in apps and other times. This means that out of 128 GB you can only have access to 116 GB internal storage for personal use. This version of the phone also doesn’t have aby microSD card slot for external storage. Therefore, you may need to plan according to choose an ideal version while buying OnePlus 6 smartphone

Hide the bars

You may have already heard about the phone’s feature to hide the notch. But do you know you can now hide the navigation bar too? With OnePlus 6 smartphone it’s possible! In order to enable this feature, all you need to do is go to the Settings, then press Buttons, and then click on the Navigation Bar for gestures.

Activate your buttons

The buttons on the OnePlus 6 smartphones offer a lot of features for your use. This feature is common to OnePlus users but maybe new for others. Using the buttons, you can open Google Assistant, menus, swipe through apps an do all sorts of actions. This feature is activated by clicking Settings and then selecting Buttons.

Camera options

The semi-hidden built-in OnePlus camera offers options to save your location data, enable quick capture, toggle the sound of the shutter, and add or remove a ‘OnePlus’ watermark on your photos for authentication. You can enable this option by clicking on the camera, then swipe up, then select the cog icon in the upper-right corner.

Modify gestures

On this phone there is no frontside home button, so several toggle gestures are present in this phone, like a long press for clicking pics, flip the phone to mute and double-tap to wake the phone up.

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