Chanel Bag – The Bag of Your Dream 2020


Owning a Chanel bag is like a sacred ritual for all fashion lovers. You must have it in your closet! The French fashion house always strives to come up with new collections of the classics. They even introduce exciting new one-offs every now and then which will make you want to buy one more. Sometimes the huge range of covetable choices and the high price tags can make the decision pretty intimidating for you. But remember, you deserve the bests in the world. So, wear your dream girl!

Chanel Bag guide

Here are some points you should consider to help you choose ‘The Bag of your dream’:

(i) What would be the perfect and most practical size of the bag for you?

(ii) Is your style a Le Boy bag or a Classic Flap Bag?

(iii) Which color, leather type, and hardware accessories suit your preference?

(iv) Are you thinking about the resale value of the bag

(v) If resale value is not your concern, would you go for pre-loved bags?

Size of the Bag

Chanel offers a large variety of options when you are thinking about the size of the bag. If you are purchasing your very first Chanel bag, it is usually recommended not to go for the WOC or Wallet On a Chain bags. Although these bags are super-cute on their looks, but these are very small and won’t be a sensible purchase for a first branded bag.

The most suitable ‘first bag’ would be the medium-sized bags or the Jumbo Classic Flap bags. These bags have coveted the market since 2000 and are still on the top list today. However, if you want to be trendy regardless of the size, then small or medium sized Le Boy is the bag for you.

Do you know a fun fact? Le Boy bags are actually named after Coco’s late lover ‘Captain Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel’ who tragically died in a car accident. Since his French nickname was ‘Garcon’ so the Le Boy bags are called “Garcon Capel”.

Style – Color, Leather, Hardware Accessories

Chanel Bag shopping guide

The huge collection of Chanel bags includes metallic, tweed, beaded, bright and bold colors and many more. They even made bags with neon writing on it which would display different writings just like the Christmas display! As a newbie, you should go for traditional bags with golden chain straps and easily recognizable crossing CC symbol. these have a very good resale value. The golden CC symbol is a vintage hardware accessory that was made using 24K gold alloy. You can verify it by the tiny hallmark engraved in the symbol.

If you don’t like golden hardware, then they also come in silver, metallic multi-color, two-tone, vintage finish, gun metal and so on. A Chanel bag is sometimes become aesthetically beautiful and unique just because of the hardware accessory. One tip to consider is choose the accessory which is easy to style with and accentuate your jewellery, clothes and your skin tone. So, plain gold one might be the safest option.

Caviar or Lambskin

Caviar leather has longer durability than Lambskin. It is also a granulated leather which adds a grainy texture to the bag. You can also preserve lambskin leather with care and conditioning. If not properly maintained, then a quilted lambskin bag can eventually lose its puffiness over time. Also, since lambskin leather has a soft and buttery texture, so it is susceptible to damage, scratch, wear and tear. Lambskin leather goes very well with Le Boy bags but caviar leather is often chosen by customers for its durability.

Resale Value

A classic style Chanel bag with caviar or lambskin leather in a basic color will continue to gain value over time. Besides, Chanel increases their retail price every one or two years. So, if you have bought a Jumbo Flap bag with $1795 in 2006, then it’ll have a resale value of $5500 or more today. A Chanel bag gets a vintage status if you hold onto them 10 years or more which means huge resale value! As they say, “Old is Gold”. Rare and vintage versions are also fun to own, like the classic cassette tape bag.


You don’t always have to break the bank to own branded items. Purchasing pre-loved items can be a good alternative. However, beware of fraud sellers and fake items. If you are not an expert in recognizing authentic Chanel bag, then you should purchase from a reputable seller. Go through the retailer’s details and reviews. Since purchasing a pre-loved item is a gamble, you must be extra sure before making any decision. For getting extra help, you can also check out an online authentication service.

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