HP Buying Guide for Laptops – Find Out the Best 2019 HP Laptop!


The computer market is getting bigger day by day. So if you are overwhelmed by options, this is completely natural. You simply have to look for the features, price range, and configuration you need. Based on that you can hundreds of options at least! Whether you need a laptop or desktop computer for education or work purpose, HP is one of the best and famous. If you are an HP fan and looking for a laptop, we can provide you some buying guide here. Stay tuned. 

hp buying guide 2019


There was a time when gaming was confined to desktop computers only. Nowadays you can find plenty of gaming laptops in the market. There are some options for you.


  1. HP Omen 15-inch:

It has NVIDIA GForce GTX 1060 graphics card with Max-Q design options. You can set your DDR4 RAM up to 32GB. The 15-inch screen size provides you a bigger view for the amazing gaming experience. Don’t worry about games being frozen or blurry. The Intel Core processors will make sure your game runs smoothly! The standard integrated speakers will provide you moderate sound experience, however, with the use of any external speakers or VR headset, you should be alright.


 2. HP Omen 17-inch:

Sometimes gamers are not satisfied with 1 5-inch. They can opt for 17-inch one for a better view. The features are the same as the 15-inch one. Bigger screen size doesn’t necessarily mean it will drain out your battery. So you don’t have to worry about that. Both of them has the gaming industry power player integrated to avoid any unwanted outage or battery draining out.


Laptops for light work:

When portability, user-friendliness, and affordability come into play, you should choose laptops which are built for light work. Light work means simply browsing, surfing social media, online media player, to name a few. HP has some sort of good laptops for those purposes.

  1. HP Chromebook:

If you need something smaller, lighter without extra features, Chromebook could be a better choice. The 11-inch model is run on Intel Celeron processor, offering all the basic feature you need from a laptop. The model uses Chrome as the operating system and all of the software are free. You will have direct access to your favorite Google and Android apps. The battery life is also amazing. It could even last up to 11 hours if you maintain it properly! If you think the screen size is too small for you to have an online hangout with your friends, you may consider going for 14-inch one.

  1. HP Stream laptop:

The only difference between this one and the Chromebook is the operating system. The stream laptop uses Windows Home as the operating system in safe mode. You will have ensured web security in a WiFi connection. The popular Office 365 is also included. It has 12 hours of battery life.

  1. HP Notebook:

If you would prefer something more than a Celeron processor, you can certainly go for the 15-inch HP Notebook. It contains the 5th Generation Intel Core i3 processor. Therefore, you can expect pretty fast and smooth operation. Furthermore, the HD display will ensure you enjoy your favorite movies or TV series more than ever. The notebook has a superfast charging facility which will fill the voids in the battery in less time. You can choose the size of the storage based on your needs.

  1. HP 14z laptop:

It has a full-sized keyboard, not like the notebook’s one. You will also have color options. The storage could be extended 1TB, which is more than enough to store all your files, movies etc.

There are also laptops for business purpose and the recently famous convertible ones. Those are pretty much the same thing but sometimes comes with better battery life (business). On the other hand, you can simply flip or rotate the screen of your laptop and use it a tab. These are known as convertibles ones. If you want to purchase one of the HP laptops, you may consider checking our website for some HP discount coupons. You may also get free HP shipping service. Our buyer’s guide will help you the choose the HP laptop you need.

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