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Breakfast – the most important meal of the day and as per the nutritionists you should never miss it. Several studies suggest that skipping breakfast deteriorates your health, as well as, causes obesity or weight gain. Researches also recommend that kids should start their day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast in order to help them concentrate in class better. A lot of energy is required to overcome the everyday hurdles and successfully achieve your goals. One more thing to remember that break(fast) means you will be putting something in your body after a long night of fasting. So, it is very essential to start your day with the right ingredients.

Kellogg’s tips and guide
Kellogg’s tips

Different people prefer different types of food in the morning, but the most popular breakfast choice is cereal with milk. Cereal consumers just love to bite on those crunchy, yet soggy deliciously flavored grains while slurping on the milk. Since breakfast imposes such a big impact on health, so the cereal you decide to eat must be special too. After all, you are what you eat. What can be a better option than Kellogg’s to ensure your loved ones’ and your health?

Choosing the right cereal for you and your loved ones can be a bit confusing especially when there are tons and tons of options lying on the supermarket aisle. In fact, Kellogg’s sells a huge variety of cereals and all very tasty. However, before buying a cereal you should look for certain facts on the basis of nutritional values and health ratings.

  1. Fibre Content

The first thing to consider while purchasing cereal is whether it will provide enough amount of fibre. Fibre is an essential component that not only helps in the digestive system but also cuts down the risk of fatal chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases. According to the dieticians, adults should consume 30g of fibre regularly. In that case, your breakfast cereal should contain 7g per 100g of fibre at least.  Some fibrous and tasty cereals of Kellogg’s are:

  • Weet-Bix which contains 11g per 100g
  • Kellogg’s Sultana Bran has 14.4g per 100g
  • Frosties, kids’ favourite, provides with 3g per 100g
  1. Whole Grain

Just like fibre, eating food that is made of whole grain is also important for the body. Nowadays, people often get tempted to eat more refined foods instead of whole grain which, in turn, harm their bodies in many ways. Ideally, the ingredients in your breakfast cereal should contain a minimum of 50% whole grain to maintain nutritional value. Unfortunately, Frosties lost the race in this case. Some good options of Kellogg’s are:

  • Weet-Bix whose 97% ingredients consist of whole grain
  • Sultana Bran will provide with 38% whole grain
  1. Sugar To Eat or Not to Eat?

Let’s just confess that most of us are guilty of having a sweet tooth and we do like our cereals to be a sweet deal. Sugar makes the cereal so addictive that you will want to eat more. But, is this good for the health? Unfortunately, too much sugar is never recommended by the doctors. However, a little bit of sugar won’t hurt anybody! When buying cereals, you should look out for the sugar level at the back of the box. The measurement should not be more than 15g per 100g, or 25g per 100g in case the cereal has dried fruits in it. The previous two cereals have won the race yet again:

  • Weet-Bix, the healthiest option, has only 3,3g sugar per 100g
  • Sultana Bran, containing lots of dried fruits, contains 22.7g sugar per 100g 
  1. Health Rating Stars

To make our lives easy, Kellogg’s has introduced a voluntary Health Star Rating system on its cereal boxes which will help the consumers choose the right one based on health benefits. The system has already been implemented in Australia and New Zealand in June 2015. The ratings are determined by assessing the salt, sugar and saturated fat content in the cereal per 100g. Based on the ratings, it is seen that around 70% of the Kellogg’s cereals are healthy, and so you can eat and serve guilt-free.

Some Useful Tips to Purchase Healthy Cereals for the Kids

 A healthy breakfast will ensure a healthy start for your kids. Since kids’ health are more sensitive and their health requirements are different than the adults, choosing the right cereal can sometimes become troublesome. So, here are some of the tips to help you pick a healthy breakfast for your children.

Tip #1: Check the nutritional level

The nutritional level at the back of the cereal box contains all the information needed to choose the correct one for your kid. If you want to compare different cereals, you should check the per 100g column to accurately match the nutrition levels. The recommended intake levels for kids are:

  • Dietary fiber should be more than 7.5g
  • Sodium or salt content should be less than 120mg
  • Sugar should be less than 15g, or 25g for cereals with dried fruits
  • Total fat should not exceed 10g with less than 2g of saturated fats

Tip #2: Check ingredients

The back of the cereal box also contains a list of ingredients which can be helpful for you to pick the correct cereal. The ingredients are usually listed in the descending order. The main ingredient or the ingredient level with the highest percentage are enlisted at the beginning. If the first ingredients include fats, salt or sugar, then you may want to look for other option as this cereal might not be healthy

Tip #3: Nutrition claims

Don’t get misled by the nutritional claims written on the front of the cereal boxes. Some examples of the actual meaning of the common claims are:

(i) Source of fibre – contains at least 2g of fibre. The better option will be the cereals claiming, “good source” (contains at least 4g) or “excellent source” (contains at least 7g) of fibre in one serve.

(ii) No added sugar – doesn’t have added sugar but may have natural sugar. Check sugar content.

(iii) Lite or light – refers to texture or color, and not fat. Check the label for fat content.

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