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A wrist-watch is not just a time teller. It’s a statement that defines who you are and what kind of taste you have. So, announce it to the world that the King or Queen has arrived just by wearing a Rolex! There may be thousands of wrist-watch brands to choose from, but nothing beats the experience of feeling luxurious Rolex watch on your skin. The well-balanced weight, the comfort, the style and the meticulous details with embedded jewels is just so awe-inspiring. You can check out the Rolex Professional watch models which are specifically crafted for flying, motor sporting, yachting, diving, and other physical activities and choose the One for you.

rolex watches shopping guide

The Rolex Cosmograph DaytonaRolex shopping

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Daytonas are limited edition watch models of Rolex because they sell only a few of these beauties. So, if you really want this watch on your wrist, then hurry or even keep an eye on the second-hand market. These watches have:

  • 40mm case size
  • 330 feet or 100 meters depth water resistance
  • Vertical clutch with 4130 movements and a magnetic Parachrom hairspring
  • 3 dials for 12-hr and 30-min totalizers and running seconds
  • Oyster lock clasp and oyster flex bracelet
  • Permanent bezel and tachymeter scale

rolex Sea Dweller

Rolex Sea-Dweller

Sea-Dweller is the largest watch of the Rolex productions. This watch is capable of crushing skulls underwater. Since Rolex constantly strive to improve their Oyster collections, they have introduced the Deep Sea version which has been cast in movies with James Cameron diving in the Mariana Trench.  These watches have:

  • 44mm case size for deep sea in Oyster steel
  • Water resistance of up to 12800 feet deep under water
  • 3135 movement with cyclops magnifier and quick changing date feature
  • Oyster bracelet with Glide lock extension and Oyster lock clasp
  • 1-hr dive bezel rotating in one direction and Ceracrom insert

rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

This watch is considered to be one of the most iconic dive watches that anyone has ever witnessed. The Submariner is so epic that it’ll remind other dive watches who’s the grandfather of them all! Features in this watch are:

  • 40mm case size
  • 1000 feet deep sea water resistance
  • 3135 movement with date feature
  • One-direction rotating 1-hr dive bezel and Ceracrom insert
  • Oyster bracelet with Glide lock extension and Oyster lock clasp

rolex GMT Master II

Rolex GMT Master II

Show off your confidence and handsomeness as a world traveler with this Rolex pilot watch edition. These watches are also known in soda names like Coke for red and black, Pepsi for the blue and red bezel, and Rootbeer for having two shades of gold and brown. They have:

  • 40mm case size
  • 3186 movement with 24 hr hand and date feature
  • 330 feet deep water resistance
  • Jubilee or Oyster bracelet
  • 24-hr bezel bidirectional rotating mechanism to display multiple time zones

rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II

This watch was specially designed for adventure seekers, like speleologists, who spent most of their time in the dark. The Explorer II is way bigger than its previous version and it has a 24-hr fixed bezel and a 24-hr GMT mechanism. This is an example of a very fine specialized watched particularly designed for one type of activity. Features included in this watch are:

  • 42 mm Oyster steel case
  • 330 feet deep water resistance
  • 3187 movement with Paraflex anti-shock mechanism
  • Oyster lock clasp in Oyster bracelet

rolex Milgauss

Rolex Milgauss

If you are a scientist who works in an electric plant or a particle accelerator then Milgauss is just the perfect watch for you. The watch has an orange colored seconds hand which is shaped like a thunderbolt. This indicates that this watch is specially designed to endure electromagnetic forces in any extreme or unexpected situation. Pretty cool, right! The body of this watch is embedded with tinted green crystals which give it an aesthetic appearance. Some of the features of this watch are:

  • 40mm Oyster steel case
  • 330 feet deep water resistance
  • 3131 movement with anti-magnetic protection; no date feature
  • Fixed steel bezel
  • Oyster lock clasp in Oyster bracelet

role Air King

Rolex Air King

The Air King watch is a special type of watch because it was released as an aviation watch after World War II. During that time many pilots purchased this for themselves for super accuracy and legibility. Now, the dial of this watch is well known among the Rolex enthusiasts for its look as well as the markers which are separated into hours and minutes in the dial. Features of this watch are:

  • 40mm Oyster steel case
  • 330 feet deep water resistance
  • 3131 movement with an anti-magnetic protection mechanism
  • No date display
  • Fixed steel bezel
  • Oyster lock clasp in Oyster bracelet

Rolex Yacht-Master

This watch would be considered as a dive watch if it had a unidirectional rotating bezel. Since it has a bidirectional rotating bezel, so it can align quickly with the starting buzzer and can pass any large racing boats crashing through the ocean waves in the blink of an eye. This unique watch has the following features:

  • 40mm case with different types of metals
  • 330 feet deep water resistance
  • Maximum of 3135 movements in 40mm
  • Has date and time display
  • 1-hr Bidirectional bezel crafted with precious metals
  • Different types of bracelets
  • Oyster lock clasp in Oyster bracelet

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