The Biggest and the Finest Top 10 Malls in the World 2020


If you are someone who loves to travel and shop, few world-renowned malls should be in your bucket list. Every year, millions of tourists flock to countries like the United States of America, France, and Britain for their shopping experience and facilities. Moreover, every country has its record-breaking, and breathe taking shopping malls to satisfy the needs of everyone in the family.

With this being said, here are some of the world’s finest and famous shopping malls. You will need several hours, if not days to witness these shopping centers to the fullest.

Malls in the Middle East

Dubai Mall

The Biggest and the Finest: Dubai Mall

The list of best malls in the globe begins with the Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates. This is a glamourous mall that is as big as 50 soccer fields. Yup! You read this right. The mall is nearly 12 million square feet in size. It features a thousand brands, an exclusive SEGA gaming center, a massive ice rink, 22 theatres and plenty of food options. This shopping mall serves as your gateway to the world’s tallest building: The BUrj Khalifa.

You cannot miss this architectural splendor: Persian Gulf Complex

Persian Gulf Complex

The Persian Gulf Complex located in Shiraz, Iran is nearly 4.8 million square feet. It is ranked as the 10th biggest mall in the world. The mall hosts around 2500 shops, which makes it one of the malls with the highest number of shopping options in the world. Apart from a delightful shopping experience, this complex has a billiards hall, two amusement parks, a zone for video gaming and a fantastic bowling alley. A unique outlet at the Persian Gulf Complex would be the Carrefour. This is a French supermarket that covers over 150,000 square feet inside the mall.

Malls in America

King of Prussia Mall

It’s Old, but never out of style: King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania was founded in 1963. It is a beautiful mall with two different units. The mall is visited by nearly 22 million people every year. The King of Prussia Mall features many luxury brands, which cannot be found elsewhere. This includes big names like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstorm. The mall is more than 3 million square feet in size and is the biggest in the United States.

A must-visit holiday destination: The Grove

The Grove mall

What makes the Grove special would be its live performances and circuses. Every Christmas, the mall features live performances with beautiful dancing girls. The mall is located in South California, however, you can expect snow during night.

A mall as large as a city: The Mall of America

The Mall of America

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells you that the Mall of America, Minnesota is as big as a city. Indeed, this is a huge mall that spans over 4.2 million square feet of ample retail outlets. The mall houses more than 400 brands. When compared to an ordinary mall, The Mall of America is nearly four times bigger. Kids love the mall for its theme park. And, there are plenty of things to do and see at the mall. For instance, you have an aquarium and a classy flight simulator. For visitors, the mall has a tourist office to help you find brands and everything you need at the mall.

The Biggest in North America: West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

With more than 800 shops, the West Edmonton Mall in Canada is the biggest in North America. Apart from a traditional shopping experience, this mall can keep you engaged with its water park, haunted house, pirate ship and aquarium. The West Edmonton Mall holds plenty of records: the World’s Largest Indoor Amusement Theme Park and the World’s Largest Indoor Lake.

Malls in England

The Harrods mall

It is a palace, not it is a mall: The Harrods

If you are a first timer, the mall is bound to confuse you. Located in London, this mall has the looks and feels of a palace, a casino and a circus. Now, this might be a lot to handle. Yet, this is a great mall to spend your holiday at. Festivals at Harrods is a whole different experience. It delights visitors with services you will not find in any other mall. For instance, you will find hampers with monograms, bird orders (only during Christmas) and one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments. Above all, Harrods has its very own Christmas Bear.

Malls in Europe

The Illum mall

It’s not any ordinary mall: The Illum

Any trip to Copenhagen, Denmark will be incomplete without a visit to the Illum. This is a fancy mall that can add a pinch of luxury into your regular shopping experience. There are many stores (both premium and standard brands), cafes and a sensational food market. The Illum sells regional groceries too. Also, the mall is home to some of Denmark’s best rooftop bars and restaurants that overlook the beautiful streets of Copenhagen.

Malls in Asia

Central WestGate Mall

Largest in South Asia: Central WestGate

The Central WestGate is located in Nonthaburi, Thailand. Once again, this mall spans around 4.8 million square feet. It is identified as the world’s ninth biggest mall. The Central WestGate is famous for Kid Cinema. It has a dedicated series of theatres for your little ones. Few other renowned attractions for children at the Central WestGate would be the Virgin Active Club and the Doreamon Comic World.

The talk about Central WestGate will be incomplete without the IKEA Store. Southeast Asia’s biggest IKEA store is located in this mall.

Looking for some rooftop fun? Visit the Utama

the Utama mall

Last but certainly not least, Utama in Malaysia is one of Asia’s finest shopping destinations. This is the world’s seventh-biggest mall, with a size of 5 million square feet. Southeast Asia’s biggest and finest rooftop garden is found in this mall. A few interesting recreational facilities at the mall would be its bowling alley with 36 lanes, a space-themed play area for children, rock climbing centers, diving space, baseball grounds and two exclusive karaoke units (all inside its premises). Undeniably, the Utama is Malaysia’s major attraction. 

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