Upgraded Xiaomi TV 5 launch details


As you all know that Xiaomi is not leaving any place behind to test their hands in it, they started with their mobile phones; then it’s accessories. They have also begun selling their smart TV’s. Although they have launched several Xiaomi TV before too. But they are now coming with a new and upgraded Xiaomi TV 5. If you are interested in buying it or want to know what they are bringing with this new TV, then do follow this article to the end.

Xiaomi TV 5 Review
Xiaomi TV 5

About Xiaomi TV 5

As I have already told you that they are thinking of launching their new Xiaomi TV 5 within some time, but when, does someone knows that exact date? Yes, we know the exact data when Xiaomi with launching the TV itself with a Xiaomi TV discount deal. The company is ready to launch it before 11 December 2019. Let us have a look at the new features that you would be able to see with this Xiaomi TV 5.

  • There is not actual news regarding its features, but it is said that with Xiaomi TV 5, you would be able to get a better picture quality than Mi TV 4X Pro, which offered 4K picture quality.
  • There are said to have several more features regarding stability and enhancements for several smart TV features.
  • It is also said that it would be offered in bigger sizes and with an extremely sleek design.

The Xiaomi TV 5 Deal & Price

It is said that Xiaomi will launch it’s TV 5 directly with a Xiaomi TV discount deal and that too before 11 December. So if you are also thinking of buying yourself a high-quality and feature-filled smart TV. Then you can wait for some time and directly buy the Xiaomi TV 5 as we are sure that like it’s other products, it will share the best values.

Xiaomi TV5 Coupon & Discounts

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