Your Shopping Guide to Best Apple Retail Shopping in 2020


Apple Brand Introduction

Apple has perhaps been the most coveted and sought-after electronics brand in the world. They make some of the most thoughtful and amazing personal electronic products. Apple products are the top of the line in their respective segments. However, Apple products carry premium pricing which prevents most people from buying them.

apple product 2020

If you want an Apple product, you should be smart and scout for various deals and discounts on them. There are many reputed e-commerce platforms and dealers who provide you great deals on Apple products. Some of the noteworthy deals on Apple products are discussed below:

Best iPhone Deals in February 2020

Apple has made a name for itself with its iconic iPhone. The latest in the series of iPhones is the iPhone 11 series. If you are a tech geek and want only the latest and best technology, then you can consider buying the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or an iPhone Pro Max. You can save up to $375 while buying an iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. You can also consider exchanging an older iPhone under the in-store trade-in to get more value for money. If you buy your iPhone 11 series from Walmart, you can get up to $300 gift card. This offer is applicable to qualified activation on Verizon and AT&T.

Best Apple iPhone Deals 2020

The iPhones have a longer shelf life and good resale value. If you want more value for money deal, you can consider buying an older model. You can buy an iPhone XS-256GB variant at under $600 from Amazon. If you explore more, the older iPhone SE-32GB variant is available only at $59.99 from Bestbuy. These older iPhone models are well-crafted and provide you the same quality and reliability that is associated with any iPhone. Despite being a few years old, they still look stunning and work better than most other phones in the market.

Best iPad Deals in February 2020

The iPad is a great device for creative people. If you want to take your creativity to the next level or enjoy media and designing on the go, then you must consider buying an iPad. The iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display is one of the newer models starting from $999 and going up to $1,749. The 4G version of this iPad variant will cost you between $1,149 to $1,899. If you explore some deals, you can buy an iPad Pro-11-inch, 64GB, Wi-Fi variant at $674.99 from Amazon. You will be saving considerably on this deal from Amazon.

Best Apple iPad Deals 2020

If you are less tech-savvy and can manage with older models, you can strike even better deals. You can buy the iPad-10.2-inch, 128GB, Wi-Fi model at only $329 from Amazon. If you can manage with a lower storage capacity of 32GB, then you can buy it for $249 from Amazon. The iPad Air with a 10.5-inch display, Wi-Fi and cellular 4G, and 64GB storage can be bought online for $579 only. If you have an older iPad model, you can decide to trade it in the store or online to get a better deal. You will not feel any deviation in performance while buying an older iPad model and it should suffice for your daily needs.      

Best Apple Watch Deals in 2020

Apple has revolutionized the smartwatch segment with its Apple Watch. It is a perfect smart wear device that is fully compatible with your iPhone. The latest offering from Apple is their Apple Watch 5 series. This smartwatch has a larger display and comes in interesting color options. The display is intelligent and dims itself when it is not in direct view. It has an in-built compass and a snappy S5 processor. The 44mm GPS model is available for $385 while you will have to shell out $485 for the GPS + cellular model.

Apple Watch Deals 2020

The Apple Watch 5 series is recently launched and thus the prices are still steep. If you want the functionality and elegance of an Apple Watch at lower prices, try to buy older models. You can get the 44mm Apple Watch 4 GPS model for $320. The GPS + cellular variant for the same can be bought at $360 if you search for online deals. The Apple Watch 4 series does not compromise on specifications or performance. You should not ignore it just because it is an older model from Apple. It includes most of the features offered by the Apple Watch 5 series and you get much greater value for money buying it.

Best Apple AirPods Deals in 2020

The Apple AirPods changed the way people visualized earphones. You can enjoy high-quality audio in a truly wireless form using these revolutionary AirPods. These are the most popular wireless buds available in the market. If you are an Apple user, you should strongly consider buying these excellent wireless buds. These are very compact sized buds which can perform all the functions of wired buds. The AirPods 2 comes with some refinement over the original Apple AirPods. They come with an advanced H1 chipset compared to the W1 chipset on its predecessor.

Best Apple AirPods Deals 2020

You can buy the Apple AirPods with charging case at $129 through online deals. If you want to buy the improved AirPods 2, then you will have to spend $169. AirPods 2 is a better choice if you can spend a little extra. They provide you the flexibility of launching Siri with voice command and come with a wireless charging case. They also last much longer than the earlier AirPods variant. Hence, you don’t have to keep charging it frequently. 

The AirPods Pro is the most premium and costly variant. They have much better audio quality than AirPods and AirPods 2. The AirPods Pro also has a more compact design and other features like noise cancellation, sweat-resistant design, and interchangeable ear tips. Due to their premium features, the AirPods Pro will cost you $235 inclusive of the charging case. If you are on a tight budget and want the maximum value for money, you can opt for the first-generation Apple AirPods.

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