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Every now and then we have all experienced the nerve-wracking shopping frenzy whenever Zara offers new arrivals or before their best products get sold out. It has almost become a tradition for many of us to frantically scroll through our inboxes to check for an alert email telling us about the restocking of a particular product. What if I tell you that you don’t have to go through these hassles, yet you can get the Zara product your heart desires for! Yes, you heard me right. You can avoid all these stressful situations and still find the top-selling products at Zara just by following 7 simple tips

Zara Tips to Score the Best Buys

zara tips

zara fashion

Zara Tip #1: Shop from the app

Zara has a user-friendly app that you can download and make your shopping experience freakishly convenient and super easy. The easy-to-use app practically brings the whole store inside your cell phone. Their homepage contains everything including the latest trends, new arrivals, seasonal picks, inspirational look-books and many more. Not only that, the app also saves the customers’ account information to help you select your favorite products and check out in no time. You can say, this app is a one-click shop!

Zara Tip #2: Shop on the right days

If you want to win the race of getting the new arrivals at Zara then Tuesdays and Thursdays will be your favorite days of the week. Why? Because the new-arrivals section at Zara’s online store gets filled-in with new products on these days. So, splash your cash on the right days before the cool products get sold out.

Zara Tip #3: Watch out for massive seasonal sales

Set a reminder on your phone or highlight your calendar for Zara’s two major seasonal sales, which are Summer and Winter Sales. Give yourself at least 45 minutes to browse through the website thoroughly to find the items you have been wanting all season. Initially, it can feel a bit frustrating to surfing through the huge collection of products online, but you can eventually get to buy your favorite items at a discounted price. Remember, Zara has multiple markdown rounds. So, you should check the website frequently. The effort is totally worth it!

Zara Tip #4: Shop online, save time

There is a saying “time is money”. Since you are already paying your hard-earned money on the items, then why waste your valuable time too? Earlier saving time while shopping may have been impossible but now with the availability of online shopping facility, you can easily and quickly shop online from the comfort of your home. Instead of rummaging through the racks, you can definitely find many better items by shopping online.

Zara Tip #5: Signup for newsletters

For a regular customer, what can be more eye-soothing view than the arrival of a newsletter alert in the inbox? Big fashion brands, like Zara, take advantage of this facility to boost up their sales. Every month, Zara releases a collection of the most chic and trendy items which you can be sure of going into the list of season’s top-rated items. You can quickly buy these items online as soon as you get the alert and stay trendy!

Tip #6: Bulk shop for basics from the sale section

Not all the time you buy fashionable and gorgeous outfits. Sometimes, you also look for basics like simple pants or plain T-shirts, etc. You can buy the basics online too. Zara’s page is designed to help you find different types of casual and comfortable clothing.

Zara Tip #7: Find your style inspiration from the latest look-book

Confused about how to style your clothing? Need some ideas? You can check out Zara’s latest look-books to find different ideas of unique styling ideas and different outfit combinations. The outfit collection and the styling inspiration of Zara’s look-books is always on-point.

Zara’s Online Buying Guide

zara online shopping guide

Zara buyers guide

Customer’s Zara account

Customers can shop in Zara’s website as a registered customer or as a guest. It is very easy to register on the website. You will only need to input a few of your information which is relevant to your shopping. Examples are given to help you fill the form. For registered customers, the purchase information is available through the account link. For guest customers, the information is sent via the link in the email.

Amendments of order

After you are done with your shopping, you will be sent a confirmation email containing all of your details. You can’t modify or cancel any order once the process reaches the advanced level.

Shopping cart

You can check the number and the type of items in your shopping cart and make any changes required. However, you must know that even if you have put items in your online cart, it does not guarantee their availability. If the items are sold out, the information will appear in that section.

zara sale shopping guide


Only registered customers can use the Wishlist. On the website, if you like something and make a list of it, Wishlist is the place to do it. You can edit the list anytime. Gift cards can’t be used here. The maximum number of items can be saved is 100. Like, cart, Wishlist also can’t guarantee the availability of the items.

Zara Price fluctuations

Prices of items in-store and online are the same and fluctuate at the same time and in the same way. Just click on the items and the real prices will be displayed. Items with reduced original price are not adjusted.

Online Shopping at Zara – General Information

zara shoppinng guide

zara shop online

Zara Product availability

Just like in stores, you will find new items on the website every week. In case you like a product but it gets sold out, and if you see an envelope symbol beside it then you can register using your email address to get notified when available within 15 days. Registering will not reserve the product for you. In the website, there is also an option to check if it is available in the stores.


If you want to make sure of the availability of the item within a limited quantity of products, then you can use the option “Pre-sale”. This is actually a method of advance purchase and so you have to pay when you buy the product. These products have special shipping duration. If you buy both normal products and pre-sale items, then the products will have different delivery periods. The return period of the pre-sale products is 30 days.

Zara Product Size

In order to find the best fit for your body, you can use Zara’s “Find My Size” option that use your measurements and recommend you the best size. You can also look into their size guide if you can’t find this option.

iPod devises Stores

One of the best services of Zara is they offer mobile iPod devices in their stores which you can utilize to buy products online which are unavailable in the store.

  • Any delivery system can be used for the iPod orders.
  • You can pay via the app or in store for the iPod orders.
  • Returns of iPod orders can be made at any Zara store in the market.

If you want to ensure a smooth online shopping procedure, you may consider looking for Zara coupons to purchase a specific product at a discounted price. You may also take a look at Brand Coupon Mall whether you are eligible to get Zara free shipping service. 

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