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Lenovo has the perfect story of rags to riches. Before starting with the computers, a lot of their initial ventures failed that included television as well as digital watches. Their good time started with the Chinese reading circuit board, but that was just one step. Soon After that one success, the founders of Lenovo overcame a lot of hardships, including trial and heavy fines even. There came such a bad time that they had to walk to work to save money.

Before going international they made their name in the local computer market initially, the founder of Lenovo wanted to make a name of himself in the global market. The original name of the company was “legend” but the founder “Yang Yuanqing” changed it to “Lenovo” with the logical explanation that he wanted to change the image of the company. He came up with the unique combination of “Le” from the word legend, and “NOVO” which means “New” in the Latin language.

Yang Yuanqing wanted to show the world as well as the global computer market that his company could compete internationally, and it wasn’t just a local Chinese competitor. And true to his words he made Lenovo from a small venture to the biggest shark in the ocean.

Albeit it having roots in China, Yang was adamant that they introduce mixed culture in his workplace, which is the reason why they have headquarters in both America and China, also English is commonly spoken in both offices. It was his aim to make the workplace a comfortable one for all their employees no matter where they hail from.

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