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Who doesn’t remember watching their parents or grandparents using some white creams taken out from a navy blue jar or tube? Yes, that’s Nivea! You can imagine how long they are doing business in this sector. They have been taking care of our skins for more than a century. You have just come out of a bath? You use Nivea. You or your father/brother need to have beard shaved? Nivea shaving lotion and Nivea after shave are the products all of you will have. Nivea is a part of your family which doesn’t interrupt your daily activities, rather provides a faith to take care of your skin.

Launched as Nivea Crème in 1911, it was originally sent to the market in a yellow tin with green arts. The blue tin was born in 1925, which was more unique and elegant. It doesn’t only protect your skin, but also provides a layer of beautiful scents to give you more confidence in the public appearance. So, it’s never a surprising fact that they have business in almost 200+ countries in the world.

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