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The company was born in 2010, but it was 2014 when they made the big bang and make sure the world heard it, with their star device, the Mi4. These phones made history. And its due to Xiaomi that mid-level phones made their market in the phone industry.

The funding of the company came by an investment organization, Temasek Holdings as well as IDG Capital and Qiming Venture, which were Singapore and Chinese based respectively. Their first product was Mi2, which was one of the first to be fitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. This was the stepping stone of Xiaomi, which earned 10 million in 11 months, this made a mark in mobile industries of certain companies like New Zealand, Australia, the US, and Europe. They gained $45 billion worth of value in 2014, with the Singapore based investment group, by the name of All-Stars Investment Limited. They started their international journey and released the Mi3 along with the Redmi device.

The best part was the sell of their phone within minutes of the launch of their Mi3, this solidified their name in the international market. With this huge success, they started with taking over different nations, in India, they collaborated with Flipkart to sell their devices. The best path they took was a very different strategy of the market then the giants like Apple and Samsung. Because of their low cost and low-profit return they managed to keep the product for 18 months in the market. Whereas, Samsung only manage the same fiat for 6 months after the release of its product. This made them the known name that it is now.

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