eBay’s Massive $50 off Discount: Buy Two Get One FREE


Acceptance criteria

By applying the redemption code, you agree to accept and oblige by the following terms and conditions.


The offer is only valid for a stipulated timeframe only, as long as it’s only advertised by eBay (official website, no 3rd party or scam links). eBay keeps the right to cancel any offer at any time.

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  1. The offer only provides the opportunity to get one free time, when you buy at least three items listed in the following link: (ebay.​com.​au/e/coupon-offers/ede-buy-2-get-1-free-sales-july-2019). However, you should keep in mind that postage costs are not covered in the deal. Therefore, make sure you are buying smartly.
  2. If you purchase three items together, the product with the lowest price will be considered as a free product.
  3. The redemption code is valid for one purchase per person only. This means all the three items must be purchased together in the same transaction in order to be qualified for this discount
  4. There is a maximum amount in the discount one can get. It is $50/transaction.
  5. You can buy more than 3, but it shouldn’t cross 10 per transaction.
  6. The currency mentioned above is in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  7. To avail the redemption code, enter TEETH during the checkout when the offer is still valid. You will immediately see the reduced price is getting displayed. You should keep in mind that you can’t use the same code for different purchases. If you want to buy more, in that regards, you have to get another redemption code.

ebay buy 2 get 1 free

eBay rights

  1. As mentioned earlier, eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer anytime they want without obligation to explain the reason for such action. There are also several reasons why eBay might declare you ineligible to avail the offer. The reasons can be found as the following:
  2. You provided false and misleading information while registering. It could also mean you forge someone else’s identity to get the discount, which is a federal crime.
  3. You must have an active account at the time of redemption. The account should be clean, meaning you are not under any suspension.


The items can’t be delivered outside Australia.


You are allowed to return the product, or seek a refund if you find anything wrong with it.


The offer can only be applied with the product on eBay’s website. You cannot transfer the amount to any bank account.


Seller is responsible for the stock. eBay doesn’t provide assurance that the product will be always available. If any product is not available, you must wait until its availability.


eBay will not be responsible for any damaged item or loss which might have caused you after redeeming the code.


eBay reserves the right to vary or alter any condition based on the situation.


It’s under the courts of New South Wales state.

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